New animation on the way!

2009-12-07 07:07:51 by hebbazz

So.. Whats been up?

I actually have a new animation in the works, or actually its at the planning stage but its coming along fine!
This time we have a different group with new people so the style will be a little bit different. I'm really excited to see it coming to life and its going to be a hectic month or two of work!

Our deadline is the 15:th of January so you can expect it to be up on at the 16:th. It will be up on newgrounds some days after that.

Take care!

/ Marcus

New movie!

2009-05-16 11:52:02 by hebbazz

Hi everybody!

Be sure to check out my new animation at ew/495657

This was actually a schoolproject we did for Blekinge Institute of Technology after learning the basics of After Effects and 3D animation in maya. We only got two weeks of education before the production began and even then we only got about 1 ½ week to finish the project so some of the animations are a little choppy.
But considering no one of us never have animated before in our lives we are still satisfied with the results.
Please give us some reviews and tell us what you think!

We were four people working on the animation and I was the project leader, producer. I also animated the part of the song after the first refrain and drew the backgrounds. Many props to our Illustration artist.

Well.. thats all i guess, there wont be any new animations for a while due to im currently focused at making my final project for the first year.

Stay tuned!


2009-03-19 19:32:11 by hebbazz

not sure what to write here... not into flash at the moment. Collage taking up too much of my time. Anyways... gonna start a new project really soon so.. stay tuned i guess :D